Our Full Service Precision machine shop fabricates all of the parts that comprise our patended RIAB lifter. Our turning, milling, boring, and grinding machines provide the power and our 4 and 5 axis CNC controlled machine tools help assure precision performance.

Some of our machines/capabilities:


OMAX Fabricator Waterjet :

OMAX Waterjet work


OMAX Fabricator (pdf)

Standard Features

• X-Y table with Motorized Z-Axis.

• Rapid water level control for submerged cutting

• Single OMAX MAXJET ® 5 Nozzle High-pressure plumbing.

• OMAX patented motion control system incorporating Windows®   software.

• 600 lb. abrasive hopper.

• Black anodized aluminum covers for X-Axis components.

• Ultra-high pressure direct drive pump.

• Traction drive coupled with position feedback from a linear scale results

in high precision.



HAAS work  Haas

Machine Control Haas 32bit CNC
Table Size 84″ x 28″
Machine Travels (X/Y/Z) 84″ x 32″ x 30″
Spindle To Table Distance 4″ – 34″
Table Capacity 4,000 lbs
Spindle Taper Cat 40
Spindle Speeds 7.500  RPM
Transmission 2-Speed Gearbox
Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Y/Z) 600 IPM
Maximum Cutting Feed Rate 500 IPM
Tool Changer Style Side Mount Twin Arm
Tool Changer Capacity 24 + 1
Tool Change Time 2.8 Sec. Tool to Tool
Max Tool weight 12 Lbs.
Spindle Drive 20 Hp Vector Drive
Power Requirement 200-250 Volt 3 Phase





FADAL work


FADAL Specifications(pdf)

Specifications                                                           3016 Standard                                    3016 Metric

Table Size                                                                             39″ x 16″                                            750mm x 406mm

Floor to Table                                                                            31″                                                         787mm

T-Slots (No. x Width x Span)                                 3 x .562″ x 4.33″                                         3 x 14mm x 110mm

Cutting Feed Rate .01-400 ipm                         (600 @ 150%) .25-10,160                       (15,240 at 150%)mm/min.

Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z) 900 ipm                     (X/Y) 700 ipm (Z) 22.8 m/min.               (X,Y) 17.7 m/min (Z)

Max. Weight on Table                                                       2,736 lbs.                                                       1,241 kg.

Axis Drive Motor (X/Y/Z)                                    AC, 3,800 lbs peak thrust                         AC, 16.900 N* thrust

Ball Screw Size                                                         40mm Dia. (X/Y/Z)

Longitudinal (X Axis)                                                          30″                                                             762mm

Cross (Y Axis)                                                                        16″                                                             406mm

Vertical (Z Axis)                                                          20″ (28″ Opt.)                                        508mm (711mm Opt.)

Spindle Nose to Table                                           4″-24″ (4″-32″ Opt.)                                102mm-610mm (102mm-813mm)

Spindle Center to Column Ways                                      16″                                                               406mm

Main Motor – Automatic 2 Speed Vector           15 HP*, 11.2 KW

Opt. HT Motor – Automatic 2 Speed Vector     22.5 HP*, 16.8 KW

Torque                                                                  160 ft-lbs, 220 ft-lbs (HT)                               220 Nm/300 Nm

Accuracy, Axis Positioning                                      ± .0002″                                                             .0050mm

Accuracy, Axis Repeatability                                  ± .0001″                                                               .0025mm

Glass Scales                                                          (X/Y/Z) Optional

Spindle Speed                                                     10-10,000 rpm (15,000 Opt.)

Spindle Orientation Electromechanical

Spindle Taper No.                                                            40

ATC, Number of Tools                                                     21

ATC, Tool Selection                                          Random, Bi-directional

Max. Tool Diameter                                        3″ (4.5″ w/o adjacent tools)                      76mm (114mm w/o adjacent tools)

Max. Tool Length                                                             15″                                                                      381mm

Max. Tool Weight                                                        15 lbs.                                                                      6.8 kg

Machine Width and Depth                                  98″ W x 77″ D                                                     2.5m W x 2m D

Machine Maximum Height                                         103″                                                                        2.6m

Machine Weight                                                          8,550 lbs.                                                              3,878 kg

Air Pressure Reqs. (Momentary) 120 psi, 15 scfm 5.5 Bar

Power Reqs. (3-phase) 40/45 amps, 230 VAC (20/25 480 VAC)

Single Phase (Optional) 60 amps, 230 VAC

Cool Power System Spindle, Headstock, Ballscrews

Ball Screw Supports (X/Y/Z) dual

No. of Ground Boxways per Axis (X/Y/Z) 2




Full Service Manual Mill/Lathe Cutting Welding Stations

Mill workstations Bandsaw




Rely on SSI’s  Power. Versatility. Precision. These key elements are applied in our machine shop to assure that each piece of your project is created to exacting design tolerances.

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